A Dear John Letter to the Standards

LOVE this.

Do-It-Yourself Library Instruction

Dear Standards,

I will never forget the day we met, in one of my favorite library school classes.  You were a little standoffish, a little cold.  It took some time to really get to know you, but once I did, I loved you.

Remember my library instruction practicum?  I would write out lesson plans so carefully, and you would help me develop student learning outcomes that made sense for each class.  You gave me confidence as I faced those first classes, still a student myself, and taught them about research.  You helped me realize how important it was to give students quality, intentional information literacy instruction.  You helped me choose this as my life’s work.

When I started my first library job, you challenged me.  I had freedom to be creative in the classroom, so I tried to develop instruction that kept students active and encouraged them to envision themselves…

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